Are you feeling lost, stuck or confused? Tired of running into road blocks with love, business, happiness? Waiting for things to get better but they only seem as if they are getting worse? If so, let me help you. I have the answers and solutions to your problems. I can help in relationships, lost or stolen lovers, stop divorce, drug or alcohol abuse. I can also help in business problems, crop growth, decreased business, jealous friends and family members, self confidence issues. I also specialize in removing bad energy and jadoo from homes and businesses.

Palm reading

Palmistry with the meaning of palm reading or hand prediction is to learn a person’s personalities, fortune and future by analyzing his/her hands.

Tarot cards

The tarot cards are a tool I use in order to give you a clear and in-depth view into your past, present and future. The cards will help me look into love, business, and personal matters that you may be going through, and will help give you a better understanding of how to approach what you are dealing with or about to. The cards will pick on 2-5 months within your future.

Crystal ball reading

The crystal ball reading is a very in detail reading and will give specific information such as names, dates, times and places. It will also allow me to see if there are any unnatural blockages that are standing in your way, for example negative energy or jealous people that are causing your energy harm. The crystal ball can pick on 5-9 months within your future.

Combination of crystal ball and tarot cards


We also offer many different services:
Aura clearing
Spritual cleansing
Chakra balancing
Love spells
Remove negative energy
Past life
Remove bad energy from business
Removal of jadoo
Feng shui

Prices vary call for more info.

All sessions are private and confidential.


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