• Crystal Ball

  • Crystal balls have been used for at least four thousand years for divination. The art of gaining information for looking into crystal is called “scrying.” Most people associate a gypsy reading crystal ball as a symbol of mystical power. Other people may remember the scene in the Wizard of Oz movie showing the witch watching live action scenes of Dorothy trying to get to Emerald City. The reality is that crystal balls do not possess actual power, nor do they show scenes like you would see on a television foretelling the future.

    However, a psychic, while in a trance, may see different images in his or her brain while in a light trance. These images can be concrete pictures, symbols or vague impressions. What these images convey are information about situations you are facing and guidance of how to resolve your problems.

    There are three types of clear crystal balls. There is natural quartz crystal, laboratory-grown crystal and glass. Natural quartz crystal balls are cut from naturally occurring veins of crystal. These can have inclusions, cracks in the crystal and veils, cloudy wisps within the crystal. These “faults” in the crystal aid the reader in divination.

    Other crystals balls have their uses as well. Amethyst balls channel spiritual energy, and are effective in communicating with spirit guides. They are also helpful in interpreting dreams. Rose quartz balls are helpful in issues of emotions and the heart. Rose quartz can help in healing of emotional hurts and fosters forgiveness. Smoky quartz helps in grounding and clearing negativity. Obsidian is a power crystal that aids in reflecting what is in the souls of self and others. Malachite is useful in revealing past-life connections. Lapis, Sodalite and Dumotierite energize psychic attunement. Yellow stones, tiger-eye, yellow citrine, topaz, ametrine and amber reveal the brighter side of an issue and warms the heart. All of these stones are available as balls, though some are more expensive than others.